behind Circles

Our team of founders are passionate about building this community of entrepreneurs and making a difference for change makers around the world to make them feel like they have a home away from home.

co-founder & creative director

Natalia Juncosa

Creative in everything she does, she comes from marketing but soon switched to what is her passion, interior design. Co-founder and Art Director in Circles, she takes care of everything related to aesthetics, from the logo, to the chairs, finishes, wall color to linens. She transforms houses into homes, which is why she says that “everything your eyes see has to make you feel comfortable”. She had been working in several co-livings in Palo Alto, CA.

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Loic Malsch

Entrepreneur with large international experience, expert in launching and growing tech projects. Lover of challenges of starting up from zero and launching existing businesses to new markets. Loic enjoys building teams with high potential to set up and grow new businesses. Tons of experience in leading sales and marketing teams as well as e-commerce operations. Building podcast of and for Entrepreneurs.⁣



Vanina Arballo

Vanina is an artist, you can notice her when she is around… just because of her good vibes. She is part of the creative team, also working in every aesthetic detail of the houses. She has the perfect vision to create the perfect spot.⁣

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