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Is traveling slow a real option nowadays?

Fun fact, slow travel is related to the slow food movement during the 80’s, that was a response in protest against fast food and the first opening of McDonald’s in Rome. In favor of local producers, the goal was to cultivate awareness for food sources and promote cooking with care.

Over the years, conscious consumption naturally spread to other industries, including tourism. The way of traveling began to be questioned, adding value to the true exploration and cultural connection of places.

A digital nomad escapes from the 9 to 6 routine, which includes setting alarms, rushing to work and not allowing any time to relax. Traveling is wonderful but also exhausting at times, so slow travel becomes the perfect combination for those who want to enjoy and form a deep, genuine and more cultural experience. Some key benefits of slow travel include:

  • Connection at a deeper level

  • Less planning, more going with the flow

  • Create routines and regain a sense of stability

  • Reduces stress levels

  • More organized and focused on your actual work

Moreover, slow travel allows one to connect with the people, food, art and every little detail of each country or city. Moreover, this way of traveling lets you discover places that you do not get the time to visit during a 3-day getaway. Those who have been practicing slow travel as a way of life will agree that we actually need less and that the emotional impact is what keeps us with that constant energy.

Don't burn out, instead change your way of traveling to a slower pace. It's important to find a balance between freedom and stability. Staying in one place for two months or maybe more makes it easier to settle into a routine and become familiar with the surroundings.

It’s also a chance to regroup and get into a rhythm with your work and personal life, which is invaluable to your emotional wellbeing.

Who said that travelers can not have a routine? Well, yes, traveling slowly and staying in co-livings is one of the best chances to get a nice balance and also receive the most benefit for your work in a creative way and most importantly leading to an increase in your productivity.

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