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One community, one home worldwide,
many life experiences

Here at Circles in Barcelona, our primary purpose is to create a culturally diverse international community through digital conscious nomadism.

Our mission is to build a global and decentralized modern boutique coliving chain for self-starters, entrepreneurs, and creators focused on creating meaningful relationships. We strive to inspire humans to embrace digital nomadism and live a fulfilling life by exploring the world and working remotely.

Our values

Human Centric

We bring humans to the center of every decision. Kindness, love, respect, genuinity and the desire to see your peers grow is key to creating personal and professional relationships that will last a lifetime.

Sunny rooftop with coworkers socializing
Coworkers collaborating in vibrant space


Innovation, design, and passion are fundamental elements of Circles. Every detail says something, we innovate to make a difference, and our passion for design makes us unique.


When you co–live at Circles, life is about enjoying the ride and having experiences that focus on wellbeing and personal growth. Find your purpose and thrive!

Yoga in Barcelona
problem solving coworkers

Inner sense of accountability

We believe in doing things that matter and being worldly conscious individuals. We strive to do more with less and we are always thinking about how to create a positive impact for ourselves, others, and our planet as a collective.

Beyond the edge

Sometimes pushing yourself to do things that make you uncomfortable is the best way to grow as a person. Explore every ambitious aspect outside of your comfort zone to live a brave and enriching life. Diamonds are made from pressure and so are we as humans.

relaxing with beautiful views
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