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Circles is a boutique coliving where entrepreneurs from all over the world meet and stay to share passions, find connections, and make their business grow! 

What we offer?

Our crowdfunders become co-owners offering lifetime membership getting access to our community.

Where Members have the possibility to book and stay in our top coliving places and our coworking spaces! Also, get exclusive access discounts and events from our partners and startups from the community


The competition in the market do not share the same values and experiences we offer. None of our competition is focused on creating a community of entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur sector is booming currently it is now projected that at least one billion digital nomads need a place to stay by 2050. The EU co-living is a huge market it is expected to reach 550 billion euros in the next ten years. 

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What is the desired outcome?


Gain a following through these social media platforms. Engage our pre-selected target market in the posts and excite them to learn more about the membership program along with the co -living atmosphere. 


To gain the audience attention the team will regularly posts on all social media platforms to establish a community online of potential consumers eager to learn more. Temporarily offering memberships for free to entice consumers to sign up and get a taste of the entrepreneur’s community.

What is the pull-through offer?


Become a founder

start the application process to become part of Circles community and make a difference for entrepreneurs around the world.