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Many successful entrepreneurs and many investors have already joined this movement Circles is trying to lead, they believe in Circles because they believe in Entrepreneurship, in Digital Nomadism, in travelling being in a community rather than being alone, and because changing the world should not only be fullfilling but also be fun!

In this video of testimonials of investors, entrepreneurs and members that have invested in Circles and are co-owners like you can be, you'll find different reasons for understanding better and also believing in Circles! We need you to make this movement bigger!

What is Circles?

Among those backing Circles there are Oscar Pierre (Glovo's founder), María Alegre (Chartboost's founder and now Flori Ventures), Monte Davis (serial entrepreneur and CEO of Demium Capital), Jordi Serra (Compuspar and now Serras Hotels), Ignasi Vilajosana (TechBarcelona and founder of WorldSensing), Pepe Agell (Pear VC and Chartboost), Ferran Martínez (ex-player of Barça/Joventut and Dekaland's founder), Pau Garcia-Milà (top influencer and many startups), Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit (StartupGrind and founder of MarsBased), Marc Bonavia (awarded "Prince of Girona" of entrepreneurship and co-founder at SITmobile with Circles' CEO Enric Solé), etc... 

Circles House is a communal living brand for traveling conscious entrepreneurs. We are a boutique co-living community where entrepreneurs from all over the world live and work together to share passions and find connections, both personal and professional. 

How to Become a Co-Owner

If you like our project and values and want to help make a better world while enjoying the upside of an early investment, we invite you to join us in this journey. We love having our members become investors, CO-Owners, and ambassadors to spread the word, helping us find places to open and accelerate growth.


When you become a CO-Owner of Circles, you are able to reap all the benefits of the space. Depending on investment size, you can receive a lifetime membership that can be used in Barcelona and all our future locations, as well as with the Circles metaverse:

The metaverse will help us bond the community together even when they are not co-living and co-working with us. All investors get access to the metaverse, so even small investments are welcome and help us greatly.

We have selected CrowdCube as our crowdfunding portal to make this CO-Ownership model possible. Register now for early access to our current fundraising round.


If you have any questions regarding this investment opportunity or CrowdCube please email

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