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What's a Hacker House and why Digital Entrepreneurs love them? Circles House in Barcelona

In the bustling tech haven of Silicon Valley, a revolutionary concept took root, reshaping the landscape of innovation—the hacker house. Far from being mere dwellings, these spaces burgeoned into vibrant ecosystems of creativity, fueled by the relentless drive of ambitious tech aficionados. Contrary to its ominous connotations, the term "hacker" here denotes not cyber malfeasance, but rather ingenious problem-solving, celebrating those who adeptly 'hack' solutions in novel and unconventional ways.

A Glimpse into the World of Hacker Houses

At its core, a hacker house embodies more than bricks and mortar; it's a crucible of collaboration, where programmers, designers, and entrepreneurs cohabit, fostering a fertile ground for the cross-pollination of ideas. Within these walls, the seeds of small startups are sown, often blossoming into formidable ventures that redefine industries and push technological boundaries.

Circles House in Barcelona: A Dynamic Coliving and Coworking Space resembeling a Hacker House in Spain

Drawing inspiration from this rich legacy of innovation, Circles is more than just a coliving in Barcelona. It’s also a coworking space designed to foster growth, creativity, and meaningful connections. Rooted in the spirit of entrepreneurship, Circles is a melting pot of diverse talents and aspirations, where individuals come together to learn, collaborate, and innovate. Designed to nurture rest, productivity, creativity, and quality relationships, our house offers a haven for aspiring visionaries to thrive.

As a coliving in Barcelona, Circles is tailored for entrepreneurs, venture builders, investors, remote workers in startups, startup founders, and digital nomads seeking to expand their horizons and build lasting relationships. Whether you're launching a new venture, seeking investment opportunities, or simply looking to connect with like-minded professionals, Circles offers the perfect environment to thrive.

Our house boasts a diverse range of luxury accommodations to suit every lifestyle, from spacious private rooms with breathtaking city views to cozy shared spaces perfect for networking and collaboration. With fully-equipped kitchens, state-of-the-art coworking facilities, and a rooftop terrace overlooking Montserrat and the city skyline, Circles provides the ideal backdrop for both work and leisure.

A Golden Opportunity: Live and Work in Barcelona for Free

In our quest to cultivate the next wave of trailblazers, we're offering an unparalleled opportunity to 15 entrepreneurs—a chance to live and breathe the vibrant energy of Barcelona at Circles House, absolutely free! The most compelling project will earn its creator a complimentary month-long stay, while the rest of the selected applicants will enjoy a free week in our dynamic environment.Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, a visionary investor, a remote worker in a burgeoning startup, or a digital nomad seeking new horizons, Circles House is your gateway to success. Join a diverse community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for innovation and ambition.

How to Secure Your Spot

To seize this opportunity, simply register your project and share your story with us by clicking here. The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 31st, 2024, so act fast to stake your claim!

Selected applicants will be contacted soon after the application period ends and can reserve their accommodations from June to December 2024, ensuring ample time to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem of Barcelona.

Spread the Word: Join the Vibrant Community at Circles House Barcelona

Know an entrepreneur or startup enthusiast who'd thrive in our vibrant community? Share or tag them in this post to extend the invitation and be part of something extraordinary.

Don't miss your chance to unlock the doors to innovation and community at Circles House Barcelona. Your entrepreneurial journey begins here!

Curious to learn more about Circles House and what sets us apart? Visit our website at to explore our amenities, community events, and testimonials from past residents.

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