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The Rise of Entrepreneurs Coliving and Coworking Around the World

The Growth of Remote Work

Freedom from the 9-5 work model and being your own boss is a lifestyle that many people are drawn to. Like a moth to a flame, more and more people are becoming entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs choose to stay close to their business but many are increasingly turning into digital nomads; traveling around the world and working remotely from their computer.

This shift in lifestyle has been slowly happening for decades with the rise of technology but recently, the concept of remote working in general has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies were forced to allow their employees to work from home to avoid profit loss and to support their employees financially. When it was safe to return to the office, employers realized that remote work was just as efficient and more cost effective. Some offered remote working as an option or switched their entire working model over to remote only.

Entrepreneurs & Digital Nomads - One in the Same?

While many people working for employers have turned to remote working from the comfort of their own home, entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the opportunity to have more freedom in their work. In addition to this, many digital nomads, also known as location independent entrepreneurs, are turning into entrepreneurs to fuel their desired lifestyle. Aspiring digital nomads start their own companies specifically so they can travel the world and support themselves. You can see many of them promoting themselves on social media platforms like Instagram to share their story of how they got started and their day to day life.

Coliving, Coworking, & Entrepreneurs

If entrepreneurs have the type of business that could easily be managed from their laptop or they desire to work around the world with international clients, coliving has become a popular option. Coliving is a shared residential community where you live with other like minded individuals and share common spaces. Most coliving places also offer coworking benefits since many people who colive are working remotely. Benefits include powerful wifi, desks, conference booths, free coffee, etc. They are meant to foster a community that is focused on making connections, having fun, and getting work done.

There are many reasons why coliving is a good option to choose when remote working around the world:

  • Coliving is convenient

  • Coliving is flexible

  • Coliving is budget friendly

  • Coliving provides community

  • Coliving facilitates a space for productivity

With the remote working industry rapidly advancing, coliving and coworking spaces are on the rise to facilitate this market of change makers wishing to travel the world. At Circles House in Barcelona, we embrace this movement and welcome entrepreneurs and digital nomads from around the globe. Visit our website to see how you can become a member of our exclusive community of innovators.

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