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How to Live Affordably as a Digital Nomad in Barcelona, Spain: Coliving Tips

Heading to Barcelona in the low season? Smart move. Low season begins in November and ends in March/April.
Circles House, boutique coliving for entrepreneurs has got you covered, making it the ultimate spot for entrepreneurs, remote workers and digital nomads looking to escape cold winters and springs and make the most out of the city's cooler, quieter months. Here's the lowdown:

Barcelona For Yourself

During these cooler months, the city unveils its quieter side. Streets less crowded, cafes more cozy, and an undeniable sense of community. It's the ideal time to explore Barcelona's architectural marvels—from the winding lanes of the Gothic Quarter to the majestic Sagrada Familia—without the throngs of tourists.

Barceloneta Beach

Cultural Deep Dive

Winter and spring host some of Barcelona's most authentic events. Think local festivals like the vibrant Santa Eulalia and the Carnival in February or the intriguing Sant Jordi Day in April, where books and roses take center stage. Circles House gives you the insider info to dive deep into these cultural celebrations, plus you can celebrate along you house mates.

Carnival in Barcelona, what to do

Outdoor Adventures

Barcelona’s mild winters mean outdoor activities never really stop. Hike the trails of Collserola Park for breathtaking city views - only 5 minute walk from the Circles House.

Or enjoy a quiet morning jog along the Barceloneta beach. It's the city that keeps on giving, no matter the season.

Vallvidrera, Circles House. Coliving for entrepreneurs in Barcelona

View from the Circles House - Floor 2

A Taste of Local Life

This is also the season when Barcelona’s culinary scene shines. With fewer tourists, snagging a table at that buzzed-about tapas bar is easier. Circles House can guide you to those hidden gems where you can savor authentic Catalan dishes and mingle with the locals.

Tapas night in Barcelona with digital nomads

Work-Life Balance, Perfected

Low season in Barcelona means more than just getting work done. It's about finding that elusive balance—where productivity meets exploration, and networking happens not just at events but in everyday encounters. Circles House isn’t just your base; it's your gateway to living and working in Barcelona, fully immersed in the city's rhythm and warmth, even in its cooler months.

Events in Barcelona for entrepreneurs

Lower Prices

And last but not least, the city offers great deals for longer term travelers who are looking to stay for the season.

Coliving or room rental in Barcelona

Room 02 I Circles House Barcelona

Get a 25% off using the code "2024" in your first booking at Circles House.

So, why wait for summer? Barcelona’s low season brings out a different kind of magic in the city, one that’s best experienced as part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs at Circles House.

November to March in Barcelona isn’t just a time frame—it’s an opportunity for any digital nomad and entrepreneur looking to grow, explore, and recharge in Barcelona.

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