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The Secret of Co-living: How was the event?

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Our first Circles Talk of 2023 was a great success. An event hosted in the Circles House @ Barcelona this past January 13th.

Here is a little recap of “The secret of Co-Living, Become a Co-Owner”, a talk about co-ownership investing via Crowdcube told by the very own Circles House founders; Enric Solé, Natalia Juncosa. Our long term goal is to open more buildings in top destinations for digital entrepreneurs and our main goal of the talk was to showcase the dedication and attention to detail with which we have worked so far to make the first come together. We wanted those who attended our talk to feel a part of the process and to also see Circles house and the community with their own eyes.

Social networks are an excellent platform to communicate but sometimes, we need to see to believe.

And well, goal achieved.

The atmosphere felt warm and cozy and little by little, people began to arrive, connect, and get to know one another. Entertaining conversations began about what day-to-day life is like in a Co-living and about the architecture and design of the house, a topic that led us to advance to the tour of the house.

Once the house tour concluded, Pau Guinart, Co-founder of, welcomed and introduced Enric and Natalia, telling the story of how they met and how he became a Co-founder.

Almost ten years ago in Silicon Valley. I was living there, pursuing a PhD at Stanford, and they moved in as young parents full of dreams and projects. I was living on Sand Hill Road, they settled on California Avenue.

Enric and I kicked it off immediately as expats with similar backgrounds, and worked on a couple of projects together, but above all, we hung out. I knew we were destined to join forces in the future, but I didn’t know how that would happen”, he said.

Furthermore, a space for debate was created, where Enric and Natalia were open to answering questions, some of which were quite profound. In the end the clarity and transparency from Enric and Natalia led many of the guests to invest.

What do you think about this investment opportunity compared to other startups you’ve done?

There is no such technology risk and thus with the model proven the challenges for growth are there, but not the technology risk which is a big issue in all tech startups… that’s why I am so confident and we’ve put ourselves tons of money to make this happen buying the first building and setting it up, we have 100% confidence this project will go very far! Enric-Founder of, said.

We are extremely thankful for those who attended the event and ended up investing as a result. We have already reached 96% of our goal, backed by 108 investors, and we can say without a doubt that the event was a huge push forward for us.

Find more about our Crowdfunding Campaing to expand the project around the globe.

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