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Circles: Barcelona's Up & Coming Entrepreneur Co-Living Home

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

by Sammy Jo Lueg

Digital nomadism has been on the rise within the past 10 years and with more companies moving their employees to a remote setting, this trend is only expected to increase. Additionally, since the Covid-19 pandemic began, another pandemic swiftly took over the world with little notice: Loneliness.

As we are emerging from a pandemic that sent many people into isolation, people are looking to make more meaningful connections and many are beginning to seek communities such as co-livings. While there is a great deal of co-living and co-working spaces in Barcelona, there is nothing quite like Circles. Located in the lungs of the city

(Collserola Natural Park), Circles is one of

Barcelona's new up and coming co-living homes.

Founded by Enric Solé and Natalia Juncosa, the mission of Circles is to build a global and decentralized modern boutique co-living chain for entrepreneurs and self-starters focused on creating meaningful relationships and a better tomorrow. When reflecting on his past as a digital nomad, Enric wished he had a place like Circles to stay in. A place where he could meet like-minded individuals, share ideas in a safe space and help his peers grow. This is how Circles Co-living and Coworking came to fruition.

Circles is located in the neighborhood of Vallvidrera, just 30 minutes from Plaza Catalunya by car or train. The serene boutique co-living and co-working space provides members with a sense of clarity and an escape from the bustling life of the city while still being close enough for an easy commute. With a 360° view of the city and a stunning view of Montserrat on the backside, you won't find better views in the entire city than you will at Circles.

While there are many Co-living and Coworking places in the market, Circles offers something a little bit different. Since Circles strives to create a community of like minded individuals, those interested in becoming a member must go through an interview process to make sure that they are a good fit for the Circles community and that the community will be a good fit for them. This ensures that those staying at Circles will share similar values, thus creating a safe space for members to share ideas and help each other thrive.

Enric and Natalia’s plan is to open one new Circles house every year, aiming to create a chain of co-living boutiques around the world for entrepreneurs to visit and work. For now, the first and only location is in Barcelona, Spain. The house has a variety of amenities for members to enjoy, including: access to the rooftop (with guaranteed best views in the whole city), fully equipped kitchen, laundry room, gym, pool (coming soon), private bedrooms and bathrooms, a social lounge and a bar. Additionally, Circles offers its members exclusive events such as yoga classes, fitness programs and private access to wellness newsletters and business support.

Check out Circles Instagram page to stay updated!

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