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Top 3 Tips for Coliving With Others Like a Pro

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Coliving is rapidly becoming a new way of living for young entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and self-starters alike. When you find a new coliving space that fits your needs in the city of your dreams like Circles in Barcelona, you must be adaptable to living with new people from all over the world. To have successful interactions and respect your new coliving peers, follow the top three tips below.

1. Keep Spaces Neat and Tidy

Whether you are living in a college dorm or living with a roommate in any situation, cleanliness is the number one rule to go by. Dirty and cluttered spaces invoke a sense of negative energy and no one wants to live with someone who is unclean or leaves their stuff laying around. Make sure to respect common areas and even keep your own space tidy to leave a good impression with your new peers.

2. Follow House Rules

With cleanliness being at the top of the list, you should keep in mind and follow any house rules that have been established at your coliving space. There are common ones used among many places like quiet hours, night time guests, and other room related guidelines.

3. Have a Good Time but Set Boundaries

A core purpose of coliving is to simply have fun! You will create many friendships along the way and you should embrace them. Although, make sure to set realistic boundaries for yourself so you don’t overextend or drain your energy with too many plans. You need to find a healthy work/life balance with your fellow colivers.

Extra: 4. Be yourself

Much like living with roommates of any kind, coliving comes with a set of courteous rules you should follow. Nothing dulls an experience more than dealing with a messy or disrespectful neighbor. Use common sense and communicate with those you live with as much as possible to ensure a happy lifestyle.

Check out Circles in beautiful Barcelona for your next coliving destination!

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